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The Drill House Photography Project.

Collaboration Photography Project working with Seachange Arts  and Tricia Hall from Time and Tide Museum, Gt Yarmouth and East Coast Sixth Form students. I spent two days working with the students to capture the essence of the building combining the historic to the more recent contemporary space which is now occupied inside the hall. A wonderful space for circus workshops and street arts creation and training facility offering residencies to artists and companies. It is open to local people and has a great variety of workshops and dancing on offer for all the family.

The students final work had been enlarged onto big poster boards and displayed around the building for the public to see and read the information about The Drill House.


A great project. Thank you Tricia Hall and Seachangearts.


The Drill House, 150 Years

The Drill House, 150 Years, Copyright, Debby Besford, May 2018