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Portraits of Children, Introducing Mariame Isla

I was commissioned this summer to photograph Mariame Isla for the second time. It was great fun and hard work to get her attention, but in the end it all worked out really well. Her Mother, Tomoni, was thrilled with the photographs and is keen to have her daughter photographed each year. This is one of many images that captures the toddlers character and personality.

Portraits of Children_MARIAME ISLA

The Drill House Photography Project.

Collaboration Photography Project working with Seachange Arts  and Tricia Hall from Time and Tide Museum, Gt Yarmouth and East Coast Sixth Form students. I spent two days working with the students to capture the essence of the building combining the historic to the more recent contemporary space which is now occupied inside the hall. A wonderful space for circus workshops and street arts creation and training facility offering residencies to artists and companies. It is open to local people and has a great variety of workshops and dancing on offer for all the family.

The students final work had been enlarged onto big poster boards and displayed around the building for the public to see and read the information about The Drill House.


A great project. Thank you Tricia Hall and Seachangearts.


The Drill House, 150 Years

The Drill House, 150 Years, Copyright, Debby Besford, May 2018

On Her Terms, with The Amos Trust, North Devon

Last October, I had the honour to photograph an All Women Conference called ‘On Her Terms’ Campaign in North Devon. This is supported by Amos Trust and is about “Giving girls who have never had a first chance, a second. A feeling of ownership is a powerful thing — not something often experienced by girls around the world, and especially not by girls living on the streets.” (Quote, Amos Trust)

These amazing women have travelled from all over the world, including, India, Africa, Egypt, USA and Mexico – to be together to talk and inspire each other with their experiences and knowledge within their own field – especially their roles working and supporting Girls and Women. They all specialise in working with young people and families from, Social workers, Coordinators of Youth, Psychologists, Healers and Legal advisors. The week included workshops and leisure activities.  This is one of the many photographs I took that show the wonderful energy and spirit of these women. You can see these images in the next Amos Trust Newspaper.

I look forward to my next assignment with Amos Trust.


181004_ON HER TERMS_3

181004_ON HER TERMS_3 Copyright: Debby Besford October 2018

Exhibiting in Amsterdam Dec/Jan 2019

This photo of mine is part of a larger body of work on Artistic Roller Skaters and Moments of Glory. It was selected by Shutterhub for Photomonth, In East London this October as part of the International Photography Festival 2018. The show was a great success and now is touring to Amsterdam this December till January 2019.

Locations: 5&33 Gallery which is located, right opposite Amsterdam Centraal Station.

The gallery is open daily from 10am – 10pm, and it’s free to visit. It is part of the Art’otel, owned by the Park Plaza group, a well-connected and world famous brand,

The exhibition will run from 7th December – 21st January and there’ll be an opening reception on the evening of 6th December…Exciting!!!

Project, Moment of Glory. Savannah, Artistic Champion Roller Skater. Gt Yarmouth, Norfolk, UK



Portrait of Lucy Marks.

A few months ago I was commissioned to photograph Lucy Marks. What a great day spent at St Georges Works, Norwich. Lucy was keen to be photographed in her work environment. We had so much fun. I was able to capture Lucy relaxed and open to ideas. The portrait were for her professional profile.

Portrait of Lucy Marks, Managing Director of Norfolk Network Ltd, Norwich, UK.



Portrait of Phoebe

At the start of this year I was asked to photograph Phoebe who is a very talented young women. She needed some contemporary portraits that she could show to potential theatre companies for acting, dancing and singing. Phoebe was very happy with the results and expressed how much she liked them.



Portrait of a Neuroscientist

Back in April this year, I had the honour of photographing Tim Bliss who lives in the same town as myself. Tim is renowned for his work as a neuroscientist whose has done much to provide a neural explanation for learning and memory. Studying the hippocampus, the memory centre of the brain. In 2016, Tim and his colleagues, Graham Collingridge and Richard Morris won a prestigious award nicknamed the Brain Prize, for their seminal work on understanding what happens in the brain when we make, and lose, memories.